How to become a Virtual CEO and live the Virtual Business Lifestyle – with Chris Ducker

Posted by Owen McGab Enaohwo

Sometimes just the mere thought of going to your office can be a painful ordeal that you have to deal with everyday because you realize that when you get there, you spend most of your time doing stuff that you are not really passionate about; mundane tasks that never seem to end. Another reason is that just when you think things are going smoothly and you are now really zoned in on the work that you live for, guess what? You get distracted, by perhaps your staff, Vendors and so on. Obviously, there has to be a better way for you to focus on why you love you business without having to feel tied to those activities you care the least for.

To get this question answered, I recently started interviewing Entrepreneurs who have chosen to become Virtual CEOs and have dared to do what it takes to live the Virtual Business Lifestyle. Today’s guest is Chris Ducker from the Virtual Business Lifestyle blog and in this real life case study, he elaborates on his journey; the steps he took to free himself from his office and the systems he created to enable his new found freedom. He also talks about the successes and challenges he faced with the entire process and shares tips on how you too can live a Virtual Business Lifestyle.

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Chris C. Ducker is a Virtual CEO, Outsourcing Expert, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Husband and best of all… he is a Dad!

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Question for you:

Do you currently feel the pain I described in this blog post and have you started your journey to become a Virtual CEO? Please share ideas based on your experience on how you have achieved the Virtual Business Lifestyle.