How to Outsource and Automate your Lead Generation & Sales – with Vaibhav Domkundwar

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A business without new leads and sales is a dead business! To “keep the lights on” you need to continuously be earning revenue from current clients / customers while promoting your business and generating fresh leads which you then nurture (build a relationship with) and eventually turn into sales.

Let’s face it! A lot of Entrepreneurs already wear so many hats and some of us are not too good with sales or lead generation hence we need to get assistance in the areas we are lacking so that we can focus on our strengths and core competencies. This is the reason I interviewed Vaibhav Domkundwar after reading his response to a question on how entrepreneurs can outsource lead generation. After reading his response (which you can see for yourself below), I knew I had to interview him to find out how to outsource and automate the entire sales funnel from acquiring the new lead, to nurturing them all the way to making the sale(s).

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In his own words (Courtesy of

“What are your feelings on Outsourced Lead Generation?”

I have been in situations where it worked really well and other situations where its failed miserably.

I am a huge believer in using outsourced lead generation either to jumpstart early sales or to drive growth in new markets. Based on my experience here are a few things to consider and ensure for success:

1. Spend a lot of time training the outsourced team on your product, market and your buyer. It’s important that they “get it” and are able to tell the story the way you believe the buyers want to hear it.

2. Focus the outsourced team’s effort on qualifying the leads. If you have a complex product with a long sales cycle, then refine the process to focus the outsourced team’s effort on a very simple and short set of questions to use in qualifying the leads and get your foot in the door.

3. Equip your outsourced sales team with very high quality lists of decision makers with full contact information including phone numbers and email addresses. It’s important that they are focused on pitching and generating interest rather than trying to discover who the decision makers are.

4. Share your CRM / marketing automation system with the outsourced team (when possible) so they can send trackable personal emails as well as small campaigns to build a conversation with prospects.

5. Define a clear “hand over point” wherein the outsourced team hands over the lead to you or your in-house sales team. If you have a simpler product that the outsourced team is expected to sell all the way through then make sure they are equipped to make the sale, otherwise have them set up the initial appointment.

Vaibhav Domkundwar

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Vaibhav is the cofounder of a marketing automation SaaS (software-as-a-service) web application called Nuture that aimed at helping marketers build trusted and personalized relationships with their customers and partners.