How to Systemize, Automate and Outsource Your entire Real Estate Business – with Joe Adkins

Posted by Owen McGab Enaohwo

Lifestyle Design and the concept of the Four Hour Work Week sounds sexy and in order to get there, it really does involve hard and smart work. One of the things I am trying to accomplish on this blog is to share the outsourcing experiences of other Entrepreneurs from various niches with the community; both their successes and challenges so that we can all learn from them.

My guest today is Joe Adkins; a Real Estate Professional from The Realty Factor and during the interview he shared how he successfully created systems which have allowed him to outsource and automate his entire business, he also explained how he finds, hires and manages his team of Virtual Assistants.

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In his own words:

I am 27 years old and own a Real Estate company (50 agents) and a wealth management firm (20 advisors). I started outsourcing several years ago and developed great systems for outsourcing to get things done like clock-work and without me.

Challenges I faced with outsourcing and how I solved them:

  • I hated training the Virtual Assistants (VAs) because once the original VA left or got fired, I had to re-train the next one…or the manager had to and this resulted in time delays. I found the solution by filming extremely detailed videos using Camtasia; a screen capture software. I then put a link to the videos on a private password protected webpage in the appropriate category. The virtual assistant training video archive now holds over 50 hours of training. Now, I never have to worry about re-training anyone. I do the video once…and the video trains unlimited people properly. The virtual assistants rarely ask me questions, and if they do, my response is. “re-watch the video”.
  • In the past I always went with the least expensive Virtual Assistant, which usually meant a one-man show. That was where the problems came in. Now I only with VA companies where there is a head manager, sub-manager then the actual VA. I communicate with the sub-manager and only talk to the head manager if there are major issues.

Joe Adkins

Joe owns and operates The Realty Factor, a full services real estate company with 50+ licensed Real Estate Agents in Orlando, FL. He has been a Realtor for 8 years and a broker/owner for 6 years.

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Question for you:

  • How exactly are you creating systems in order to outsource and automate your entire business?