The Anatomy of a Virtual Workplace & the Tools needed to live the virtual business lifestyle – with Rosalyn Lemieux

Posted by Owen McGab Enaohwo

Have you ever considered running your business virtually and building a team of talented people who work remotely from their own location? Well, in today’s interview I got Rosalyn Lemieux; a founder and partner at Fission Strategy to discuss in detail how exactly she has been able to successfully do this at her company, the tools she uses and also, how she is able to communicate with her team as well as her clients in such a way that even though her company is set up virtually they still have a strong company culture and are able to deliver results.



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Connect with Rosalyn Lemieux:

Rosalyn Lemieux

Rosalyn (Roz) is a founder and partner at Fission Strategy, an internet strategy and web development firm that helps organization leverage social media for social good.

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Question for you:

How have you successfully been able to run your company virtually and also built a virtual team? If so, what do you think my guest did not discuss during the interview from your own personal experiences?