How H.Y.V.A.™ helped the founder of Football-Defence Report get over his fear of working with Virtual Assistants

Posted by Owen McGab Enaohwo


Joe Daniel; the founder of Football-Defence Report was so kind to give us a testimonial about his experience working with our Virtual Assistants. Check out the video below!



Video Transcript

Owen McGab Enaohwo (OME): What you need to do is to introduce yourself. Let us know more about your business. It’s your turn. What do you do?

Joe Daniel (JD): Alright. My name is Joe Daniel. I run That’s a website that I work with right there, something that’s a passion of mine. I guess you could say a hobby. Teaching is my full-time job, coaching is what I do along with that. I started a website at one point to help teach people about football to work really into it. What I discovered is that I’m not really good teaching people who aren’t into football, so I started writing football-defense which was just for coaches. That really grown [sic] and it’s what I think I’m meant to do outside of coaching is to help other coaches, and I love talking with football guys. It’s just a passion and it’s turned into a business.

OME: I love that because what I find from that is that you have a passion but in order to scale, you figured out that “Why don’t I go after people who have the most likelihood to find benefit in my service and so you went after coaches. I’m curious though, how did you come to a point where felt like you needed the virtual assistance? I’m trying to get that from you.

JD: The virtual assistance is always something I have been interested in. I read a lot of different blogs about blogging and such things, and who to work with, and I talk to coaches about how they do all these different jobs, and I knew that I needed somebody else to help because I work almost 200 hours a week in my profession of teaching so in order for this business to grow beyond what it was, at that point, I was wondering whether I would need more help. I would need somebody who could work twice as much – it’s either I would work twice as much in the evening, or get somebody else to help. So I just knew if the work in the business was to expand, I wound need help.

OME: So you knew that in order to expand, you need help. With that knowledge, did you also have the situation where you had such challenges and fears about the hiring process? I just want to get that from you, what were those challenges and fears about the whole thing about outsourcing and working with virtual assistants?

JD: The first fear was the cost. Could I afford a virtual assistant? It wasn’t a question of could I afford the money for a virtual assistant but could a virtual assistant make enough money for me to cover the cost. It wouldn’t do good to spend money for a virtual assistant if I was losing money on them. So it was a question of would the virtual assistant be able to do enough to cover the cost of hiring somebody. The other thing is for somebody who’s built a business from the ground-up with basically no help, can somebody else do the jobs that I do? I believe that I’ve done a really good job. Can I teach them to do the jobs up to the standard that I am putting on myself? So those are the fears that I have growing.

OME: Let me now ask. Let me do the self-serving part about my company, H.Y.V.A.™ where you just hired a virtual assistant. How did we help to kill those two fears you had initially. I’m curious.

JD: The first time was easy because there was the trial period, and I knew that I would get to jump in the seven-day trial period, getting there, seeing what’s this going to be like for me. Honestly, the cost was very low. The different packages – I was able to get a small package to start out with five hours a week, see what could be done there and not have to jump in as opposed to other places where you jump in to 20-40 hours when I had no idea what I was going do with a virtual assistant for an hour, and the trial period really eased my fears on that. When I signed up for H.Y.V.A.™, I would at least know very shortly whether or not this would work.

OME: Definitely. You had the other fear of being able to let go of work. How have we exactly been able to ease you into taking away some other work that was taking away your time? I’m curious.

JD: It’s been a slow process for me because I am not as trusting with others, and I would say, “Hey can you guys do this” or “Can we get this project done”. The first time, and I think every project we’ve done, the first time, I’ve looked at it and gone, “Well, you really worked hard on it” and the second time, it was way better. It was that understanding that, well, you’re not sending it out to a robot, you’re sending it to a person, who can learn what needs to be done and one of the challenges of my business is that not many people are into especially the coaching side of football. What I found is that every time I send something, they’ve gotten better and I’ve learned to communicate and I think of just putting it out there.

OME: I love what you just said just now because it’s a realization that it’s your business and you’re in control because you’re trying to communicate something. Yes, the virtual assistant is there to assist you, but you are taking control of the strategy, and taking control of the entire process and you know, we are there to make sure that everything is moving smoothly, and manage the process for you. And Joe, I really love the fact you took the time to do this video with us, and how would people seeing this could get a hold of you, because I am sure someone would love to know about football and stuff like that.

JD: The website is That’ll take you to my website. My e-mail address is

OME: Can you repeat that, because when you said it we had the Skype delay. The website and also the email.

JD: The website is The email is

OME: Thank you so much Joe. I really appreciate it.


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