How Holly Gannon of Fantasy Fitness and Dance finds more free time each day to create new fitness and exercise routines because of her H.Y.V.A.™ Virtual Assistant!

Posted by Owen McGab Enaohwo

Holly Gannon

Holly Gannon of Fantasy Fitness and Dance says she now has more free time each day to create new fitness and exercise routines because of her H.Y.V.A.™ Virtual Assistant! (<<<— Check out the video below to find out why she raving about us!).

Video Transcript:

Owen: Hi, everyone. My name is Owen McGab Enaohwo and welcome to H.Y.V.A.™ which stands for Hire Your Virtual Assistant dot com and what we do here is empower you to be able to find more free time in your day to focus on what’s important in your business by providing you with virtual assistants that can help you with that.


So the thing is, I always bring on my clients on here to talk about the experience before they even hired their virtual assistant from H.Y.V.A.™ so that way you can learn from their experience and move forward with the journey of hiring your own virtual assistant and today I have my client on here, Holly Gannon from So Holly, I’m sure the listeners would like to know more about you and what you do. So let’s get started.


Holly: I’m the director of Fantasy Fitness and Dance which is dance and fitness gym in Australia.
I’ve opened up a studio for myself and I teach dance and fitness there myself and I’ve trained out my
staff and they’ll instruct as well. I teach a lot myself. I teach about 40 hours a week, different training
and dance and fitness. The reception and admin side of it was what I delegate to H.Y.V.A.™.


Owen: Awesome. And so most of your clients seem to come to you via the web and then at the end
when they sign up, they now go to your dancing program in order to lose weight and be healthy.
What exactly you’re doing for them?


Holly: That’s fine. Most of our customers come from the internet and then they come into the studio
and we teach them all their classes.


Owen: Wow, that’s nice. That’s fun. Just dancing and dancing away to their weight. And so I want to go
back to the beginning because it’s always good to learn from where you are in the past and see the
transition to where you are now. Before you hired a virtual assistant, what was your daily work
schedule like?


Holly: So I start about 5:30 in the morning. I’ll teach and then take personal training clients until about
10 or 11 in the morning then I would do my admin/reception work, take a lunch break and go to the
gym and then come back to work, teach from about 5 till 9 at night.


Owen: Wow.


Holly: And I go home. That’s when I would catch up on things like website design, any e-mails that I’ve
missed all those other stuff.


Owen: Wow.


Holly: After 10


Owen: It’s so like you’re away to all of the hats trying to do what you love which is instructing or create
choreographing and new dances instructions for your clients but then when you come back, you also
have to do all the other stuff you’ve missed while you were out training your clients.


Holly: That’s right.


Owen: And so when was the exact point when you say, “I cannot do this anymore, I have to go out there
and find someone to come work with me.” Can you remember that specific point in which, “to ease your
way” you felt like you just needed to get somebody to work with you. If can you share the story that will
be nice.


Holly: I do have reception girls at my studio but they are young and most of the website, they’re not
confident doing. Also the admin, they are not confident of doing and things like Twitter accounts and
setting up accounts, they’re not confident doing so all of those things, I still had to do for myself.


So, I couldn’t really give that many opportunities to the reception girls. They we’re just doing phone calls and things like that so I really needed someone to help me with website and help me with e-mail and help me with at least other things that no one at the studio could really help me out with. So, that’s my sort of thought and I don’t want to do this at nighttime anymore doing the entire website and everything. So I just looked into some companies and right now was expensive. And they really under delivered in the quality and service that they provided so I’ve stand out about outsourcing through one of my e-mails from one of my newsletters that I subscribed to and I looked into it then found your service.


Owen: Wow. And I’m curious because what did you find intriguing about the whole idea of outsourcing
because different people have different ways in which they come to find out about outsourcing or even
working with a virtual assistant. But in your case, what was genius of that like what was the beginning, where did you find that information from about outsourcing and all that? I’m just curious.


Holly: So, what was the question? Find out?


Owen: Everybody that comes to me, they always have like a beginning point of where they stumbled
onto the idea of outsourcing or stumbled onto the idea of working with virtual assistant and I was
curious as to where did you first find that information from?


Holly: I actually saw an article on the internet about how outsourcing is coming about and how it was
evolving and how all these other business. I know webpage is benefitting so much from sending their
work to other companies that were setup to do with the sort of tasks that I had setup.


Owen: Wow. And so when you decided that you were going to go route of outsourcing and working
with virtual assistant, I’m sure there were some sort of initial fears and reservations that you had. Can
you discuss some of those initially that you had?


Holly: I actually didn’t really have that many as I knew that everyone would do that really good job. I
need it as long as I set out my tasks properly that my assistant would know what to do. So, for me, it was
also a good way of getting me to discipline myself a bit more and organize my business a little bit better
so that someone else could take over some of my roles.


Owen: I like that. I want to dive into that because you see the thing is, some people come in, they
have these fears and reservations but in your case, you didn’t have that. You felt that the honor was up
to you that if you structured the work that you wanted to delegate to your VA’s, if they really knew
exactly what you needed them to do, if your system entitles the work then they’ll be able to deliver. I
mean, is that how you’ve always thought about things or how did that mindset happen for you?


Holly: Definitely. I know that because I have employed a lot of staff. We’ve open been for three years so
I have been training out my instructors and I know from that experience that if I don’t teach them how
to do their job correctly, it’s not going to happen. So as long as I explain exactly what I need done then I
know it’s all going to work properly. And I can’t really hold my VA responsible if I haven’t set out the task
properly and she doesn’t really understand what’s going on then I can’t hold her responsible for not
completing the task for that day. I know as long as I’ve done my job then she can do her job properly,
that’s all.


Owen: Awesome, that is beautiful. So, it’s always great when we have clients like you that have this kind
of mindset from the onset. And so going back to the story, you found out from a newsletter about what
outsourcing can do about a virtual assistant in your case, you didn’t have that much of reservation
because you knew what you had to do. So take us to the next step, what do you do when you got to
researching the virtual assistant companies to work with and how did you make your decision? I’m


Holly: I actually went through a few agencies with, I guess it’s like setup by online hiring agency service
where you make your own company profile and people apply for the job so I went through it that way
and that was hard to maintain and check my e-mails everyday and set up my own interviews with
anyone. I didn’t really have the guidance as to who would be the better employee for my business.


And then when I found your service you actually offered a trial, I think it was either 1 week or 10 days. So, it was just for free and I could see how the business worked and I could see how our communication would work and I can see how the service could work for my business and what task might be I could do. So that made such a huge difference set of service for a free trial. So, I get off the site to get that.


I did take the trial thinking that we were going to continue working together anyway. So when I signed up for the free trial, I was prepared to continue on with the service but I know that people still have reservations. It’s good to offer a trial so they can really experience the service before they commit to anything.


Owen: Wow. And you’re still a client, obviously the trial worked and the service worked. I was just
curious like just as people are listening, what are some of the things we do for you on a daily basis? Just
to give an idea of how you per say work with your virtual assistant here at H.Y.V.A.™?


Holly: Well, I’ll just write up my list of tasks with her to do in the evening, most of the things are the
website. So checking the website, editing it, makes sure nothings out of date. Make sure that everything
go correctly, making sure that all the pictures are working, all the links are working because myself and
the receptionist we do change things in the website, we edit class times and course times and PayPal
buttons and things. So sometimes I’ll ask pages to make sure they work. So lot’s of website


If I need something researched for example dance studios or a product that I like to sell, I’d like to go to do some research for that as well. So, lots of online research that I could just spend hours and hours Googling to fit things but I can assign to her and she can make up spreadsheet with all the data that she found and I know the top ten website for something and all that sort of information.


Owen: How does that feel, like to come at the end of the day you just send her what you need because
it turns out to be a lot of times are recording sets of activities that you need. But how does that feel to
just know that you have someone who’s working for you and knows what they need to do and all you
have to do is send out the request and it gets done. How that makes you feel?


Holly: Right. It’s actually really funny because I’m in Western Australia and I know you work on US time.


Owen: Yeah, we work on US time.


Holly: It’s funny. So, my virtual assistant does it at 10:00 at night and I finish work at 9:00 at night so I
sort of sort out my things and just send off my request list and in the morning when I wake up it’s all
been done so it’s very funny.


Owen: Awesome, right?


Holly: Yeah.


Owen: Wow. I love testimonials like this because I always give people who are considering probably to
be working with virtual assistants from H.Y.V.A.™ or any other company just to see benefits of it. And I’m
curious and just anyone who has been listening to us so far, what is that one thing that you might want
to leave with them to empower them to move forward working with a virtual assistant if they are, at
that point, making that decision? What’s that one thing you would tell them right now?


Holly: Go for your day and look at the things that you don’t want to spend time doing or things that you
think, someone might be better qualified to do this or just in particular anything in the internet,
anything that you can say or someone else can figure this website, “Someone else can sort out this
HTML code for me,” These things that are so fiddly and you can spend so much time doing them and
especially if you get carried away you can go on and on and on with the website for example but if you
set up exactly what you want someone else to do, you can have a couple hours out of your day and
spend that doing something fun or doing something bigger for your business. When I have more time
during my day I create more classes and create more services at my studio which makes business great.


Owen: Awesome. And that is what I love to hear because when you don’t have time you cannot figure
out the next steps you need to take to grow your business or the next best way you can serve your
clients and deliver even more value because it’s time that allows you to bring you out to think of these
things but if you don’t have time because you’re bugged down, how you’re going to do that? And I’m
glad that at least at H.Y.V.A.™ we are helping you create time to do more value to your clients. So, Holly
thanks for this testimonial, I love it.


Holly: You’re welcome.


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If you are a lady looking for an awesome way to lose weight that is social, fun and involves dancing the weight away? Then Holly Gannon is your go to fitness instructor. Check her out at Fantasy Fitness and Dance, let her know I sent you!