MouseFlow hires a Virtual Assistant from H.Y.V.A.™ to help with Customer Support tickets and loves the experience!

Posted by Owen McGab Enaohwo


Lasse Schou is the founder of Mouseflow and he was so kind to give us a testimonial about his experience working with our Virtual Assistants. Below are his answers to my questions. Check them out!


What your business is all about?


My business offers a SaaS-based analytics service that can record and playback visits on any website. It basically lets website owners look over the shoulder of their users, and makes it possible to make usability improvements based on real user experience.


Why did you feel the need to hire a Virtual Assistant?


Email support is a task that is growing along with the number of subscribers and it was clear for a long time that I needed to outsource this task. 


What fears and reservations did you have about working with a Virtual Assistant?


Most of the email support tickets were of a rather technical nature so my fear was that it wasn’t a job for any VA. Most businesses offering email support only had VA’s who could answer questions based on an FAQ, not handling advanced technical issues.


What exactly H.Y.V.A.™ does for you and how we are meeting your needs?


It turned out that H.Y.V.A.™ has Virtual Assistants with both technical skills and good customer skills. The Virtual Assistants are fast learners, and I’m already saving time after just a few weeks of operation. Thanks H.Y.V.A.™!




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